Life is about more than simply surviving…it is also about having HOPE. It’s about facing the future without fear. It’s about having a sense of well-being for yourself and your family. It is a feeling that life can get better.

When there is no HOPE, the will to live can slip away. Despair can become overwhelming leaving a person unable to cope with the constant suffering. The sense of being powerless is crippling. A life without HOPE is empty and barren, it is an ongoing nightmare that seems endless.

This is especially true for people living in extreme poverty. They not only suffer from the physical manifestations of starvation and disease they also have to deal with the mental agony of watching their children die before they even have a chance to begin to live. They suffer the emotional torment of knowing that each pregnancy can end in heartbreaking disaster for both mother and child. They have to relentlessly cope with the fact that death is constantly lurking and can claim a loved one at any moment.

This is the absence of HOPE.


HOPE gives promise to the future

HOPE can wash away the ugliness of the past

HOPE gives flight to dreams

HOPE is all some people have left

HOPE can arrive at anytime, from anyplace, for any reason

HOPE is something we can’t give up

HOPE is for everyone

HOPE does not discriminate

HOPE is free

HOPE must be shared

HOPE provides inspiration

HOPE replaces despair

HOPE is what the world needs

HOPE lives in the eyes of a child

HOPE is a light in the darkness

HOPE is given as an act of love from one human being to another

HOPE is the greatest gift of all

HOPE can save lives

HOPE is eternal


For those living in extreme poverty, HOPE comes in many forms. It can be lifesaving medicines and vaccines. It can be enough daily calories to provide basic nutrition. It can be safe water for drinking and cleaning. It can be shelter to protect against the elements. It can be the opportunity to provide education for your children. It can be physical safety from those in power.

HOPE is something every person in the world needs and deserves. And since there are millions who can’t create that HOPE for themselves, we have an obligation to help provide it for them.

We can deliver HOPE to those in extreme poverty now. We have the resources and means to do it.











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