As a conflict begins to spread, the desolation can quickly become extensive, and everything needed for normal life vanishes. Food, water, shelter, and medical supplies are all soon in short supply, and immediately disease begins to race through the population. Wounds go unattended and people die horrific deaths. Misery is everywhere, and all hope is lost. Little or no aid is delivered because it is not safe for neutral parties to enter the war zone. Society breaks down, and the entire family structure dissolves into chaos, as children are orphaned.

It is the poorest parts of the world that continually suffer through an unending series of armed conflicts. This makes attempts at restoration almost impossible. The UN and NGOs can only do so much when their access to the area is limited by the warring factions. What aid is delivered is often confiscated by the various militias leaving the general population without any help at all. In fact, the militias often withhold food and medical supplies from civilians on purpose as a way to intimidate and weaken them. It is a savage act of inhumanity to allow small children to starve to death in order to advance your military agenda, and yet it happens all the time.

In the worst case scenario of war, entire populations are considered to be the enemy. Ethnic cleansing then becomes the goal, and genocide takes place. This is the vilest act mankind can perpetrate. To kill entire populations because they seem different from you is insanity, but war breeds insane actions. War provides the excuse to commit criminal acts that cannot be defended on any level. We cannot rationalize killing innocent women and children just because they were born into a certain race, tribe or clan. To hack to death a newborn with a machete because she is one of “them” instead of one of “you” is the ultimate act of cruelty. “Ethnic cleansing” sounds so much more acceptable than “butchering babies”, but that is exactly what it is.

We cannot let language disguise the true horror of genocide. It is the most extreme kind of murder, and it is carried out on a massive scale. It takes war to a new level of inhumanity because it purposely targets the unarmed and the innocent. It cannot be tolerated in this world. So when we hear the politically correct terms “ethnic cleansing” or “genocide” we have to focus on the actual atrocity that is occurring out of our sight. We have to speak up for those who have no voice. We have to demand that world leaders take immediate and decisive action to stop this kind of slaughter.

War is often waged by cowards. They have others do their fighting for them, and they refuse to accept responsibility for the misery and suffering they have caused. They prefer to stay above the fray while the death they’ve unleashed rages all around them. They consider themselves great military leaders even though they may have little combat experience themselves. They thrive on the fact that the have the power of life and death. With one command they can kill a person, a family or an entire village. They feel the fear of the masses and they confuse that for respect. The fact that they have no qualifications to be a leader makes no difference because they have weapons, and that is all that matters. Their poor judgement is only surpassed by their brutality, and that same brutality is how they will be toppled from power. And when that day comes, someone who is even more uncaring, ruthless and sadistic will take their place.

However, when the fighting finally does stop, it is just the beginning of the misery. The land is in ruins and the economy is destroyed. Families are forced to try and exist in a barren wasteland. Unless massive amounts of aid arrives immediately thousands quickly die. Surviving the war is only the first of many hardships forced on the general population. It can take decades to rebuild a country after years of fighting, and too often as the rebuilding is underway, war breaks out again. Unfortunately, it is a pattern that is repeated over and over. But we can’t lose sight of the innocent human beings who are helplessly caught in the middle of the insanity. They are trapped without sufficient food, water, shelter or medical care. They have done nothing wrong and yet they are paying the ultimate price. In the midst of all this inhumanity we must step up and show our humanity. We must be there for them. If we were in their position we would desperately want someone to help us.

The violence that mankind is capable of knows no bounds, but the same is true about love and compassion. When the evil of war strikes we must respond just as forcefully with good intentions. We must deliver lifesaving aid. We must speak out against atrocities. We must stand up for the vulnerable and the displaced. We have to accept the responsibility of saving as many lives as possible. We must do what we know is right. We cannot turn away and pretend that innocent people are not dying. War is the most evil behavior that man engages in, so it must be resisted at all costs, however, when it does occur, we must provide immediate humanitarian relief on the largest scale possible.




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