Because millions of people die each year from extreme poverty, it seems like an impossible task for one individual to make a meaningful difference…but what if your monthly donation to the relief agency of your choice saved just one life? What would the impact be? Certainly, saving the life of another human being is the most important thing you can possibly do, however, it becomes even more rewarding when you consider the spiraling effect that one person can have on countless others.

Suppose your donations save the life of a newborn infant in Kenya. Your efforts provide his mother with pre-natal care. She is able to eat nutritious food and she receives regular medical check-ups. She delivers safely with trained medical personnel present. All of this occurs because you are willing to share your good fortune with a total stranger on the other side of the world. But the positive results of your giving do not stop there…Her newborn son eventually grows up to be a doctor and during the course of his lifetime he saves thousands of other lives.

Consider how your monthly contributions could rescue a little boy living on the streets of Kassala, Sudan. He has been an orphan for years, and he is now so sick he will die without immediate medical help. Your donations provide that medical care. He is treated and placed into an orphanage where he is given the opportunity to get an education…Fifteen years later he becomes a teacher and commits his life to helping other children who are without hope and living in danger on the streets. All the lives he touches are a direct result of your compassion.

In Sierra Leone a young mother dies during childbirth, but her baby girl survives and is raised by relatives. You provide the funds that help her receive an education. As she is growing up she misses the mother she never knew…Eventually she decides to become a trained midwife so that she can help other children avoid her fate. Over her lifetime she intervenes and saves the lives of many women and their babies. Those newborns then grow up and accomplish wonderful things that benefit humanity. The positive effect of your willingness to give is ongoing, and ends up having a positive effect on many lives.

A small boy is brought to a feeding center in Angola. He is emaciated from hunger, and it is not certain he will live. The center is able to operate because of the money it receives from people like you. Over the course of several weeks the little boy slowly regains some strength. After a couple of months he is once again gaining weight and his overall health has improved…25 years later the little boy becomes an important man in his nation. He is elected to political office where he is committed to improving the lives of his fellow countrymen. Appreciative of how his life was saved, he puts policies in place that allows relief organizations to operate under safe and humane conditions. You kept one child from starving to death, and he in turn improves the lives of millions.

A small girl in Ghana has malaria and is at the brink of death, but because of your financial commitment she is given life saving drugs and she survives…Eventually she earns a degree and goes to work as clinical researcher. Over the course of her career she improves the treatment for several life threatening diseases. Thousands of lives are saved as a result of her work, and it all started with your generosity.

A young girl in Zambia watches her older sister die a slow horrific death from HIV/AIDS. The money you contribute allows her to get an education and become an activist on behalf of the 22 million people in Africa who are living with this vicious disease…Her tireless efforts eventually result in more funding for Aids education and prevention, as well as helping to convince pharmaceutical companies to lower the cost of their medications thereby saving countless lives.

Over time your monthly contributions can do more than you ever imagined. Your donations can dig wells that provide safe water for drinking and cleaning. Your money can help start feeding programs in areas where small children are starving to death. Mosquito nets can be purchased with your contributions to prevent the spread of malaria. The dollars you give can help lower the maternal mortality rate, saving the lives of young mothers and their newborns. Your funds can provide life saving vaccines that will spare the lives of millions of children, and all the lives that are saved will then have the opportunity to do the same for others. Right now you have the chance to save a human life. Please begin to make a monthly donation to the humanitarian organization of your choice.





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