One of the most important aspects to solving the horror of extreme poverty is raising awareness around the world about this relentless killer. Unfortunately, most people have no idea about the severity of the crisis. From time to time they see the sad images of sick and starving children on TV but then they change the channel and their attention quickly shifts back to the mundane and the trivial. Most are completely oblivious to the heartbreaking statistics.

* 30,000 deaths each day.

* 210,000 deaths each week.

* 1,020,000 deaths every 34 days.

* 10,950,000 deaths each year.

* 109,500,000 dead in a decade.

It is amazing that death on this scale can go virtually unnoticed by the vast majority of the people on earth, and yet it does. Why? How can people have no knowledge about something that kills more human beings than war?

There are several reasons we remain uneducated about extreme poverty. For one thing the world’s press, for some inexplicable reason, completely ignores this massive human tragedy. Perhaps the story unfolds too slowly for their tastes. They seem to thrive on sudden violent death as opposed to the relentless grinding misery caused by poverty. For whatever reason, news organizations around the world are missing the most important story of our time.

Also to blame are government leaders. Politicians have long preferred to sweep the problems of poverty under the rug rather than face the difficult challenges it presents. They are able to get away with this because those who are hopelessly trapped in its grip have no voice. They have no one representing them. No one is speaking out on their behalf or protecting their interests. They are forgotten by those in power. It is a sad fact that those in positions of leadership rarely give much consideration to those who need their help the most. Those with power usually ignore the powerless. People seeking office are drawn to individuals and groups who have financial clout and who will back them with money each election in return for their votes. People struggling to stay alive on one dollar a day do not have money to throw at politicians.

So it falls to us to raise awareness about this ongoing holocaust. We must make every attempt to enlighten and educate as many people as possible, as quickly as we can, about the truth regarding this terrible killer. We have to become the voice for the one billion human beings who are risk of starvation and disease. We have to raise the level of awareness to the point that people will be moved to take significant action on behalf of those who are not in a position to help themselves.

Only if enough people come together in this life affirming cause will the world’s press begin to cover the heartbreak and misery suffered by one out of every six persons on earth. And if news organizations around the globe begin to report the story accurately and in depth, that will help to raise awareness to even greater levels thereby increasing pressure on the world’s political leaders to take long neglected action to finally stop the dying once and for all.

But this can only happen when enough people have learned the awful truth about what is happening to millions of human beings each year. When you realize the full scope of extreme poverty, when you can no longer plead ignorance regarding the needless deaths of thousands of defenseless children each day, when you are willing to accept the fact that we are all responsible for each others well-being, then you can no longer passively stand by and refuse to speak up on behalf of the one billion people at risk. Death is relentless as it claims its innocent victims, so we must be relentless as well. We have to boldly and courageously force world leaders to acknowledge that they have failed miserably in their obligation to protect and preserve life.

As you consider the horrible death toll created by extreme poverty, it is critically important to remember that these are not just numbers but real human lives that have been unnecessarily lost. These were people who were filled with love and hope and who possessed amazing abilities that could have benefited all of us…and every day 30,000 more join them. It is an unending slaughter that does not have to happen, but to make it stop we have to raise awareness so that the entire world sees the magnitude of the crisis and is compelled to take immediate action. Each day we wait costs tens of thousands of lives. We have to do everything we possibly can to shine a light on the agony that is occurring right now, out of sight, on the other side of the world. Please use your voice, your resources and your abilities to bring the atrocity of extreme poverty to the attention of the world.






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