That does not mean there won’t be pockets of poverty or that wars and natural disasters won’t produce economic suffering on a short-term basis, but the generational poverty that grips one out of every six persons on earth will no longer exist. We will eventually take action and do the necessary things to allow people to begin to help themselves. It will be more than just aid or fair trade practices or debt relief. It will go beyond micro finance or corporate responsibility or government interventions. Extreme poverty will be eliminated because humanity will evolve a different mind-set. Our attitudes will change. Our thinking will adjust to the reality of how poverty destroys lives. Our selfishness will give way to compassion. Our prejudices will be replaced by tolerance and acceptance. Our greed will be controlled and our generosity will grow.

Education will also play an important role in ending extreme poverty. Those in need will receive the guidance and knowledge that will allow them to improve their own living conditions. They will learn how to dig wells and plant better crops. They will receive medical training to aid in childbirth and other health related events. They will learn how to produce goods and how to market them. They will learn about the importance of birth control, not only to control population size but also to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. They will learn these and the other necessary things to help lift themselves and their families out of the endless cycle of despair and deprivation.

But the concept of improved education does not only apply to those in need. Education of the western world is vital as well. Those fortunate enough to live in comfort will eventually learn about, and understand, the suffering of a billion fellow human beings. They will realize the urgent need for action in order to save as many lives as possible. They will accept responsibility for helping strangers on the other side of the world. They will no longer plead ignorance to the fact that thousands of children die from hunger related issues every day.

Governments will finally realize that the world’s financial outlook will be much stronger with a robust African economy. The various countries on the African continent will have much to offer when they become viable trade partners. Their goods and resources will enrich the rest of the world while providing the strong economic foundations needed to build sustainable markets and industries that will provide jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurship. Everyone will prosper when a billion people around the world are allowed to be financially independent and productive.

Public and governmental pressure will eventually force the world’s largest corporations to behave in a more responsible and ethical way. The huge pharmaceuticals will be compelled to produce the life saving drugs that millions need to stay alive, even if they are not their most profitable products. They will act on their obligation to drastically cut prices so that medications and vaccines can be given in mass to those who so desperately need them. The gigantic corporations behind factory farms will stop wasting corn on cattle so that it can be used instead for human consumption. This alone will provide food for millions. These things will happen because we will demand it.

There is another reason to believe that we will defeat global poverty. We have history on our side. Throughout humanity’s cruel and violent past, good has always triumphed. No matter how much hate or irrational prejudice has filled the world, compassion and reason have always managed to prevail. Tyrants and dictators eventually fall. Inhuman practices such as slavery are finally abolished on a wide scale. Human suffering is finally addressed by those more fortunate and the people who are beaten down and taken advantage of have the opportunity to improve their lives.

When public awareness reaches a critical point, a world-wide effort will be launched to stop the unrelenting destruction of extreme poverty. However, this will only occur when enough of the world’s citizens rise up together to stop the death and suffering. Nations will then join together in a common effort to feed everyone, to provide safe water for everyone and to ensure that all people everywhere have access to basic medical care. Only then will human rights be respected and all life will be lived with dignity.

These things will happen because good people will demand it. The majority of the human race cares about those in need. The majority believes in love and turns away from hate. The majority are willing to share their resources and knowledge. The majority believe it is wrong for an innocent child to starve to death…but, unfortunately, the majority of people on this planet do not know how severe the problem of extreme poverty really is. Until the awareness of this killer is elevated, so that everyone realizes that it contributes to the deaths of one million human beings every 34 days, we will struggle in our efforts to stop it.

But at some point in the future, the day will finally come when we will say enough. Humanity will join together and end this horrific chapter in our history. We will take the action necessary to preserve life. We will make sacrifices so that others can share in the world’s bounty. We will embrace those who seem different from us, knowing that we all share the same hopes and dreams. We will learn to exist peacefully with each other without the need to drain the world’s finances in endless armed conflicts. We will simply learn to love each other.





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